DPR Group provides Data Protection Representative services to clients working in many different sectors (e.g. cloud-based SaaS, medical, telecommunications, retail, online gaming etc.) across the world. We are able to work with business in every industry and country, and make sure our clients (and their customers) enjoy the best experience possible.

We strongly believe that DPR Group provides the best Data Protection Representative service available in the market - but don't take our word for it, below are testimonials from some of our clients:

Super Evil Mega Corp

USA - Cloud-based multiplayer game network

Nathaniel Jewell, CFO/COO:

"We researched and looked at a half dozen providers that would help us fulfill Article 27 of the GDPR. While all claimed to offer the correct services, we found the depth of knowledge, responsiveness and interaction with the DPR team was a notch above the rest. I feel confident in our selection of them as our EU Representative, and know that any customer of ours that reaches out to them will be treated fairly and respectfully."


USA - Direct marketing solutions

Duncan G. Perry, VP Finance:

"We were very impressed with DPR Group's coverage. Our eCommerce clients are spread throughout the EU and DPR's contact locations in 28 countries mean that both our clients and their consumers will get support in their own country to help address their concerns. It is imperative to us to provide the best possible support for consumers with questions about our email marketing services. DPR Group allows us to have local support for GDPR issues for all of our clients and the consumers that they are reaching out to. With the support of DPR Group we will be able to be more responsive, have more happy customers and fewer consumer privacy concerns."



USA - Online support automation systems

David W. Phillips, Head of Legal & Corporate Development:

"We’ve been very impressed with DPR’s client-centric approach and personal service. From the outset, the DPR team was responsive, engaged and knowledgeable, making an upfront investment in understanding our unique customer service network and data model. DPR exhibited not only deep knowledge of the Representative obligation under GDPR, but even more importantly, practical guidance that was tailored towards our fast-growth and ever-changing technology start-up. As a company that prides itself in delivering exceptional client and customer services, we are pleased to give DPR the highest recommendation."


China - Cloud-based IoT platform

Songnian Wang, Group Data Protection Officer (Asia):

"As a global platform, Tuya focuses on globalization by enabling localization. When we were introduced to DPR Group, we were impressed by their expert knowledge in the GDPR Representative role. DPR’s tailored solutions to address this requirement have enabled us to meet this local data protection requirement in a compliant manner, enabling interactions with our current and potential EU customers. DPR Group is a partner that we'd love to recommend to work with!"


USA - Cloud-based email spam filtering

Curtis O'Reilly, Co-Founder:

"After researching several options to fulfill the requirements of Article 27 of the GDPR, DPR Group was the clear choice for us. We appreciate that DPR Group offers pricing that is based on the number of EU data subjects we process data for and the type of data we process. Best of all, their representatives are professional and friendly, which is exactly the type of individuals we would want representing our company."

Hubble Contacts

USA - eCommerce contact lens retailer 

Jesse Horwitz, co-CEO:

"We feel very fortunate to have found the DPR Group to be our EU GDPR Representative and help us to navigate the new world of GDPR from our base in the U.S.  Their broad EU coverage was particularly important for our business.  From our initial contact onwards, they have been thoroughly helpful, professional, responsive and a total pleasure to work with!"


Australia - SaaS form builder 

Dean McPherson, Chief Technology Officer:

"As a global SaaS business based outside of the EU and looking to become GDPR Compliant, DPR Group were a breath of fresh air. Amid a fledgling market of solutions for EU Representation, DPR Group stood out for understanding exactly what service they are offering and by having the flexibility to tailor that service to the needs of their clients.

The team were exceedingly helpful and professional to work with, and took the time to understand our business to ensure they could provide a solution that is competitive and fair. I would highly recommend the team at DPR Group for other international businesses seeking an EU Representative."

Ben Line Agencies

Singapore - Shipping Agency

Kristian Vandermeer, Managing Director:

“DPR Group has been very helpful and attentive to our requirements - they have given us very clear responses and direction around what is a new and ever-changing issue. We have now been able to develop a more robust way of handling GDPR related issues for our staff, customers and other stakeholders. The coverage that DPR Group offers, over 28 countries within EU, was certainly another reason for us working with them as it simplifies communication and allows our customers / stakeholders across the EU to be in touch with our company in a quick and convenient way. Thank you to DPR for their ongoing service!”

Whos On Location

New Zealand - Security & safety management

Darren Whitaker-Barnett, CEO & Founder:

"As a New Zealand based company with customers throughout the world, it was important that we had coverage throughout the 28 member states in the EU, with support in local languages if required. Equally important for us was the guidance and expert opinion DPR Group gave us around how the Representative role tied in with our GDPR program. They answered our questions promptly, were happy to work alongside our security consultants, they made the complex simple, and most importantly gave us confidence in our process. We highly recommend the DPR Group."


USA - Pharmaceutical company 

Paul G. Chaney, President and CEO:

"We did our diligence and spoke to several companies, but most offered a “one-size-fits-all” approach and we needed to find a more customizable method. DPR was able to offer a package of services at the right scale to meet to our needs. They are also the only firm we encountered able to provide contact locations on the ground in each of the countries where we are fielding our clinical studies. This means we can provide local contacts to ensure optimal response to data subjects and local authorities, an approach that precisely fits our mission. DPR was the right match for PanOptica, and we are grateful for their support, including that from our key contact who has been exceedingly professional and responsive."


USA - SaaS recruitment solutions

David Wright, Chief Technology Officer:

"Jibe selected the DPR Group for our Data Protection Representative as they provided full EU coverage at a competitive price.  Their team were highly responsive and understood what we required of an EU Representative for our US-based business.  DPR Group helped us understand the role and obligations, and allowed us to move forward quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my peers."


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