When raising data inquiries as an individual whose data is processed by [YOUR COMPANY] (a 'subject access request'), or as a local EU Data Protection Authority, please either contact us at [YOUR COMPANY] or use the contact form set out below. This message will reach us by way of our EU-based Data Protection Representative, DPR Group*.

When preparing your request, please include details of the type of personal data about which you are enquiring, but do not include any actual personal data unless unavoidably necessary (e.g. refer to your address, medical records or other types of data about which you are inquiring generally, without supplying the specific details of your address or the medical condition about which the data will be held).

Please be aware that we may request additional information to confirm your identity - this is for your own protection to ensure that your personal data is not released to a third party.

* DPR Group is a trading name of Data Protection Representative Limited, a company registered in Ireland with registered number 616588. For details of how DPR Group will process your data, please refer to