Article 27 of GDPR requires many non-EU companies to appoint a Data Protection Representative in the EU - does your company require an EU Representative?

Do you need an EU Representative?

  • Is your company based outside the EU?

  • Do you sell to the EU, or monitor people there?

If you answered "Yes" to both questions, you will probably need to appoint a Data Protection Representative. See our 'Do GDPR and Article 27 apply?' page to find out if an exclusion applies.

Why appoint DPR Group as your

EU Representative?

DPR Group offers a market-leading EU Representative service to our clients:

  • MOST COMPLIANT: Recent guidelines from the European Data Protection Board have confirmed the EU Representative should be established in the EU member state where the data controller/processor has the largest number of data subjects, and the Representative should be "easily accessible" for data subjects in other EU member states. As the only EU Representative with contact locations established in all 28 EU member states, DPR Group ensures that your data subjects have easy access to your Representative. 

  • SATISFIED CLIENTS: DPR Group’s clients:

    • Are based in more than 20 countries across 5 continents

    • Process personal data on more than 165,000,000 EU-based individuals, almost 1/3 of the EU population

    • See testimonials from some of our clients on our 'Clients' page

  • EASILY CONTACTABLE: We are the only EU Representative to have postal contact locations established in each of the 28 EU nations (most EU Representatives have only 2-3 EU locations), and email and webform contact options – which can be personalised to a client’s branding

  • AFFORDABLE, LOGICAL PRICING: With prices linked to the scale of data processing undertaken by our clients, our rates are appropriate and fair for clients of all sizes

  • RESPONSIVE: We acknowledge and forward communications no later than the working day after they are received, a service level we have 100% success against, delivering a great service to both our clients and their customers​

  • HELPFUL: We provide guidance to assist when responding to inquiries, and can arrange formal advice and consultancy for clients if they require

  • LANGUAGE CAPACITY: We have multi-lingual experts available to assist when communicating with EU Data Protection Authorities, and can arrange professional translations when required

  • INFLUENTIAL: We are members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, enabling us to shape the conversation around privacy laws and their interpretation worldwide

  • REWARDING: We offer up to 50% discount at renewal for our clients with good data protection practices*

  • SAFE: We have strong insurance to ensure that our potential liability as EU Representative for any single client does not impact our ability to deliver our service across all our clients


See more about our service on our EU Representative Service page.




* - Renewal discounts are based on numbers of communications received compared to total quota; clients with good data protection practices are identified as those to which fewer communications are made. See more at EU Representative Service page.


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